Authentic Real Fur, Bear and Wolf Rugs:

Our bear and fur rugs are constructed with double ruffle wool felt borders and lined with a cotton canvas backing to provide durability and sturdiness, no shagging here! They have 1" steel "D" rings sewn in so they can be hung on a wall as well as laid out flat on your floor. Brand new, exceptional quality taxidermy you will be proud to own. These have a slight open mouth (not snarling or growling) to provide a benign natural look. All of our rugs are done with a fully prime winter coat to assure deep fur and luxurious shine. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! The bear or wolf rug that you see is the actual rug that you will be purchasing.

black bear rug head

Black Bear Rug, lot #0012, late fall pelt.
This rug squares at 7'1/4". Priced at $2995

black bear rug head

This is a real giant of a black bear rug. Lot #0012.

black bear rug

Black Bear Rug, lot #0013, spring bear pelt, 5’ 8” nose to tail. Priced at $1795

black bear rug head

Black Bear Rug, Order lot #0013


Real Grizzly Bear Fur Rug:

grizzly bear rug

Grizzly Bear Rug, lot #0011, early spring rug, with 5’ long perfect fur. Priced at $4995

grizzly bear rug head

This rug squares 7’ and is a beautiful silver tip
grizzly bear rug. Lot #0011

Real Wolf Fur Rugs:

wolf rug 5

Alaskan Grey Wolf Rug, lot # 0005, male wolf rug, beautiful mid-winter pelt. Priced at $1895

wolf rug head 1005

Alaskan Grey Wolf Rug, 80" nose to tail, lot # 0005

wolf rug 7

Arctic Pale Wolf Rug, lot # 0007, very large male wolf rug,
Priced at $1995

wolf rug head 1007

Arctic Pale Wolf Rug, 85" nose to tail, lot # 0007